How to become a Kató Verified Translator


Hi There! I took the test in October and I was wondering if the results are in. My Proz profile is 2612873.Thank you!


Dear @aleksandra_origami,

your test has been reviewed and approved, therefore you are now a Katò Verified translator. Congratulations :tada: You should have received a notification.



Great news, thank you kindly :slight_smile:


I have submitted a sample translation test to TWB on Nov 7. Not sure if it is already reviewed and passed the test. Please let me know.



Dear @SUSAN3,

please let us know your ID (the digits in the URL to your Proz profile) so we can follow up? If you’re unsure please give us the URL to your Proz profile directly.



Hi Ambraluna. Would you please check on my test results. Proz profile Thanks a lot!


Hello @Alina,

your tests haven’t been reviewed yet. We have alerted our volunteer reviewers and asked to give priority to your tests. Please get back to us if you still haven’t received any feedback in a couple of weeks from now.