How to become a Kató Verified Translator?

Hi @marvinkw, thanks for your message :slight_smile:

I had a look at your profile and it looks complete :raised_hands:

When you don’t see any tasks available on your homepage and your languages don’t appear in the drop-down menus, that just means that currently there are no available tasks in your language combinations - but we post new tasks all the time, so keep an eye out :eyes:

I see you also signed up to receive daily email notifications, so as soon as a new task comes up you’ll be notified :envelope_with_arrow:

Thanks for your support - let us know if there is anything else we can help you with :star2:

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Good afternoon.
I took the Verified Translator test in March, and I haven’t received an answer yet. I understand that there is a backlog in some language pairs, and that probably includes mine (English to Spanish). I don’t mind waiting, but I wanted to check if my test is still pending.

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Hi @Monidelac

Thanks for following up on your test! Unfortunately, we’re still working our way through the backlog :nerd_face:

I can confirm that your test is still pending though!

In the meantime, you do still have access to tasks available to non-verified translators! You can find all available tasks on the homepage :smiley:

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Thank you very much for your answer, @charlotte1.
I will wait for the test results and check for tasks available to non-verified translators in the meantime.


Hi @Silvia_Mauri, @charlotte1,

I hope you are doing well!

I want to ask if there’s any news about my Arabic to English test! :innocent:
I have made it about two months ago or maybe more than that. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Hi @Dalia1, I am very well thanks, I hope you are doing well too! :blush:

Thanks a lot for following up on your test and I’m sorry you have been waiting so long for your test results!

I reached out to the reviewer, so hopefully I’ll have some news for you soon :four_leaf_clover:

Thanks a lot for your patience, Dalia! :pray:


Hi @Silvia_Mauri,

Thank you so much! :green_heart:

Kind regards,


Dear, Mrs. @ambra

I have carried out all the steps to know the score of every task that I have made. However, the general review is not mentioned. Could you please tell me what to do in this regard?

Kind regards,



Hi @zeinabmohammed981997, thanks for your message :slight_smile:

We always strongly encourage our translators to leave feedback on the translation tasks they review, but this is not mandatory - that’s why sometimes you won’t receive any feedback or you will receive just the scores without a general comment.

I hope this helps clarify this point, but let us know if you have any further questions :star2:


Heard you, thanks for your help Silvia!

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Hello, everyone! I just want to thank you for having upgraded my status to Verified Translator.:smile:
I’m really happy! I will continue doing my best with the future tasks, and I’m glad to be part of this community.:heart:


I would like to know, how can I redo the verification exercise?


Hi @corbinjustinrhodes

Thanks for reaching out!

We’ve actually changed the way we verify translators because the testing system wasn’t sustainable for the size of the community!

You can read more about becoming verified in the information in the top of this thread :top:


I took a test for my language pair on the 5th of April (on ProZ, as instructed here) and, since I haven’t heard back from anyone, I emailed inquiring about it, on the 7th of June. The reply was that:

Unfortunately, your tests haven’t been reviewed yet. I will reach out to one of our volunteer reviewers to have you test fast-tracked. As soon as we have the results, we will be in touch!

I still haven’t received any news on the results of my test, but in the meantime I have completed 8 tasks on Kato. Unfortunately, not all of them were reviewed.

Are there other options to become verified?



unfortunately there’s a paradox here :grinning:
since a test is no longer required your verification depends on several good reviews, however, since feedbacks on translations are optional sometimes your work is revised without feedback
on a side note i have recently came across translation contest winners being awarded verified status
that’s all i know & staff members may correct me if i’m wrong


Thank you for replying! I’ll patiently wait to receive the verified status while exploring the Community.

Ooh… translations contests! Sounds fun! I’m new here, so I’m still discovering features :slight_smile:

Hi @ElenaF

Thank you for following up on your test! I’m sorry that it’s taking such a long time to get the results. If you let me know your Proz ID, I can follow up again :+1:

I can echo what the kind @soke35 has said! It isn’t obligatory to leave a review when revising a translation, however, we do strongly encourage volunteers to leave feedback and scores!

We also have translation contests, for example, we just announced the winners of the Spanish translation contest who were all upgraded to verified translators :star_struck:


Hey @charlotte1!

I’ve only signed up on ProZ for the translation tests, so yesterday, when I rechecked Kato Community posts and I found out that tests aren’t a way of verifying translators anymore, I’ve deleted that account (I really hate clutter and personal information spread all over the Internet). My ProZ ID was 3049874, if that’s any help now.

I do have some reviews on my profile from a couple of people who have revised some of my translations. How many do I need? My language pair isn’t that common (EN-RO), so there aren’t many tasks available for me: months pass without seeing any (could be because I don’t have the verified status).

As to contests… again, my language pair isn’t that popular…

So, very few tasks available, even less for an unverified translator, and the ones who are claimed aren’t always revised. It could takes months for someone to get the verified status, time during which they can’t give 100% to this community!


Hi @ElenaF

Yes, we have now stopped the testing process to verify volunteers because we believe that the verification system we had in place is no longer sustainable for the size of our community!

However, we were working through the backlog of tests. I’m not sure if we can get your test back once you’ve deleted it :thinking:

We regularly check for volunteers who meet the threshold so we can verify them! Generally, we look for linguists who have donated over 15,000 words, with over 6 reviews and an average score of above 3.5

We completely understand that it can be frustrating to rarely have tasks available and to not receive feedback or scores. However, we do strongly encourage volunteers to leave feedback and we’re working on opening up more tasks to non-verified linguists!

Thank you for your understanding, Elena :pray:


Hey @charlotte1!

Thank you for detailing the process of verifying volunteers for me! I’ll just hope there’s a sudden influx of tasks in my language pair in the next months :crossed_fingers:

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