Have I submitted my work correctly?

Hello! I have done only 2 tasks for Rosetta, so I am not very expert yet. I am just a bit concerned about submitting the work properly. Once I finished I could not spot any “submit” button or anything, so I just left the page once finished. Could you please confirm that you get it? It was an english into russian translation, source text titled “Volunteer 1 hour a week to emproove your healt”. Thanks a lot, michela

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Hello @michelacamerlengo, thank you for your question and interest. I took a look at your tasks and both appear complete. I guess you already followed the steps listed here.

Tagging my colleague @Joe to confirm that both your tasks have been submitted correctly.

Hi @michelacamerlengo, nice to meet you and welcome aboard!

Yes, as Ambra noted, your tasks are complete and there is no further action required on your part. Thank you very much!

A couple of tips on using this forum in the future: All tasks on Trommons have their own thread here on the Kato Community, accessible from the task page. This is the best place to ask questions related to a specific task. I attached a screenshot which shows where to find the link.

Also, you can use the tag function to send a notification to specific people, for example to tag me just write @Joe.

I hope that helps, please let us know if you have any further queries.

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Ditto, i’m still not quite sure if i submitted the Revision Chunk 1 of Campagne #QuitStigmaNow correctly.