Can't access memsource

Thank you, Ambra!
For reasons I cannot explain, the system is now operational again.
Before, I was getting the “sorry, (…) contact your manager” message.

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Glad that it’s all sorted out! Sometimes these temporary glitches can happen - thank you for your patience.

Hi, I receive the same message : Sorry, we were not able to find a user for you. Please contact your system administrator. I did not claim a task yet, can you please let me know is that ok?

Hey @sarahkhaleel I am sorry, but you essentially cannot access Phrase (Memsource) before you claim a task unfortunately.

Hello community members,
I think I may have issues the next time I will claim a task for TWB because I wanted to try Phrase outside of TWB for myself and I have noticed that my usual email was in use (the email I use for TWB too) and I thought I must have forgotten I had an account before (as I tried using Phrase before beginning to volunteer for TWB). But it turned out to be my TWB account for which I changed the password and now I think it will be a problem for me to access Phrase in the platform.

This was my mistake and I apologize for it. What can I do about it or who I can contact about the issue?

Thank you very much,
Ioana Dobre

I am happy to say I was still able to claim a task and I could access Phrase Online Editor from “Translate using Phrase”, hopefully I can send it too when I finish. However, if I still need to do something about the issue please let me know.

Hey @ioana , I don’t think there will be any issues, because the link on our tasks will always give you automatic access to Phrase, but incase there are any issues, you can always reach out to us via email and we can look into it :hugs:

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