Cannot submit a completed task

Hi there! I just completed my first task, but for some reason I can’t submit it. Also, I can’t click on the Submit Claimed Task button, since I can’t see it. Maybe I have already submitted it by accident?

Hello Goncalo and thank you for your message? Are you referring to Chunk 0 of Who are the HRMI Ambassadors? If so, that task appears as completed already. I am tagging my colleague @Dona who is the PM for the project and may be able to help you.

Not sure if i need to do something, as an email offering deadline extensions appeared in my inbox Task Revise - proj -10465 -4294 is finished.

Sorry i missed the full stop.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Caroline, thank you for your message. I think you are referring to #QuitStigmaNow project? I see that the task is not completed yet, which is maybe the reason why you received such email? Have you followed the steps here?

I would like to know if there is no submit task button (that is a project is automatically submitted once it is complete or when it reaches its deadline)?

I need date extension

Hello Ahmed, thank you for claiming a new task! I am tagging my colleague @Georgios so you can discuss the deadline with him :smiley:

In the future, please use the forum thread corresponding to the project you have claimed. This will help us giving a right answer! This is how you can find the right thread to post a message for the project you are working on (video tutorial )

Hi @Ahmed9547 ,

Thank you for your message.
Are you referring to the Kanuri translation of CPSS NE Nigeria Child Protection Glossary V2?
If so, when is the earliest date you can deliver this?


Georgios Kassiteridis

3 October tomorrow because my computer has spoilt

3 October tomorrow because my computer has spoiled

That’s ok, thank you for letting me know.



I wasn’t able to send a task. Because I wasn’t able to find a button which transmitted the task.
I attached a file and sent it to the e-mail address where the request of the task had been sent to.
Please confirm it.

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Hi Sakiko, thank you for getting in touch!

I’m sorry to hear you found it challenging to submit the task. I’m tagging the PM for this project @LouiseF who will be able to tell you if they received it.

Here is more information about how to submit a task if you encounter a similar problem in the future. You can also view our video tutorial here.

Thanks, @NataliaG,

Hello @Sakiko,
I confirm that the task has been successfully delivered.
Thanks a lot for your contribution.

Please am so sorry for the inconvenience. Fire alarm in my house I loose my everything i will unclaim the task please am so sorry Georgios

Please am so sorry for the inconvenience. Fire alarm in my house I loose my everything i will unclaim the task please am so sorry AMBRA.

I hope everything was ok in your house, Ahmed!

Everything is OK am good for now will claim a task for now


I am not able to complete the task [proj-11385] 5941-en-GB* > hi-IN even i have done it all, it is showing 99.53% but not progressing further.