Basics of Humanitarian Interpretation Course

Hello Marika,

Congratulations on your recent graduation! It’s fantastic that you’re looking to expand your expertise into humanitarian interpretation. This field is indeed one of the most sensitive and impactful areas an interpreter can work in, requiring not only linguistic skills but also a deep understanding of cultural and ethical nuances. We’re pleased to provide this course to help professionals like you delve deeper into such a crucial sector. Your commitment to learning more about humanitarian interpretation is commendable, and we’re confident that you and many others will benefit greatly from the course content.

Best wishes on this next phase of your professional journey,

Hello Margarita,

It’s wonderful to hear about your passion for languages and your multilingual abilities. Your initiative to seek out volunteering opportunities speaks volumes about your dedication to using your skills for a greater cause. This course is designed to enhance your interpreting skills and prepare you for the unique challenges and rewards of humanitarian interpretation. We are proud to make such training accessible at no cost and are excited to support you on your path to achieving your dream job. Your willingness to volunteer and learn is truly admirable, and we’re here to assist you in any way we can throughout the course.

Best of luck, and thank you for your eagerness to make a difference,

Hello Jacob,

It’s fantastic to hear of your enthusiasm for interpreting within humanitarian contexts, and your interest in developing as a cultural mediator. This course aims to provide interpreters like you with the tools and understanding necessary to navigate the complex cultural landscapes often encountered in humanitarian work. We believe that effective communication goes beyond language proficiency and includes cultural sensitivity and awareness, which are critical for a cultural mediator. Your commitment to improving your skills is commendable, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Best wishes as you continue to enhance your abilities and make a significant impact through your work,

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Hello Prosper,

It’s wonderful to have a professional like yourself join our course. Thank you for your feedback on the course; we’re glad it strikes a balance for all skill levels. Enjoy the learning journey!

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Thank you for the welcome, I appreciate it. I will definitely take full advantage of this course!

Thank you for this course! I studied Conference Interpreting at the university, but trainings particularly in humanitarian contexts were not offered. I want to access the field of humanitarian interpreting and I am glad that TWB is giving me that opportunity, also in a wide and inclusive range of languages.

Hi, I’m Giorgia and I decided to take this course because I just graduated in Translation and Interpreting and I’m thinking about studying a Social Translation and Mediation master!

Thank you so much for offering this opportuniy .I am really happy about finding you !

Thanks for offering this course! I’m Rafael, translator and English teacher from Brazil and I’m thrilled to start this course, I love to share knowledge, so this course is perfect for what I’m professionally looking for.

I am a translator and interpreter. I currently work for a public school in the US. It is important for me to deepen my understanding and knowledge of the linguistic and social realities of lesser-heard communities.
I hope to learn a lot from this course. Thanks!