Announcing the First TWB Translation Contest for French!

Are you a French translator looking for a new challenge and a fun way to connect with the TWB community? Be part of TWB’s first Translation Contest for French! (If you are a Swahili translator, click here!)

The Translation Contest for French will include texts in two categories: literary and humanitarian. You may choose to translate one category, or double your chances of winning by submitting an entry for both! Both texts are approximately 200 words in length.

Once you submit your translation(s), we will need your help deciding on the winner, as we will use peer reviews combined with our in-house review to select the best translations!

Winners will:

  • Receive certificates :medal_sports:
  • Be featured in our social media and blog :star2: (if they consent)
  • Become Kató Verified Translators :white_check_mark: (if they aren’t already)

All participants will be entered into a prize draw to win a 50 USD Amazon voucher (or equivalent). The winner of the Amazon voucher will be chosen at random, so they may not be the winner of the translation contest! To be considered eligible to win the contest and the prize draw, you will have to submit at least one translation sample, and review at least three translation samples submitted by fellow TWB community members.

We will accept submissions through Monday, August 5th.

Remember to use the same e-mail address you use for your Kató Platform log-in, or we won’t know who you are! :computer:

Contest Guidelines:

  1. Send your submissions by Monday, August 5th, 2019
  2. Send only one submission per category (maximum 2 submissions in total)
  3. Translate only into French
  4. Do not submit raw machine translation output
  5. Review at least three other translations submitted by your fellow TWB community members

If you need any assistance, please email

Best wishes and good luck! :confetti_ball:

UPDATE: Announcing the results of the TWB French translation contest!

When will winners be announced? :slight_smile:

Hi @Amira3! We will be announcing the contest results next week :star2:

Hey Olivia! I was wondering when the results would be announced? :slight_smile: Many thanks in advance for your reply!


Hello Guillaume, here is the post: Announcing the results of the TWB French translation contest!
Thank you!