Workflow: Partner >> TWB >> Volunteer

Hi Team! :wave:

I am wondering what the process of receiving new projects from international partners looks like on your end. Do you reach out to various humanitarian organizations across the globe? How do you signalize that you have the capacity to help their needs?

I saw a lot of comments on the forum about the lack of projects for many language pairs, so I was thinking if there’s a way how we, the translators, might help the platform increase the incoming flow of tasks. Should we ping humanitarian organizations working in certain countries, whose languages we speak?

My particular concern is the lack of projects dealing with the Ukrainian refugees. Given the great scale of the ongoing war and millions of displaced people, there must be a massive need across Europe for these translations, however, working in EN/DE/PL >> UA/RU language pairs, I haven’t seen any tasks recently. Is there something I can personally do to get these projects onto the platform?

Please let me know.


Hey Ellina!

Have a look at the Projects category, there are a lot of projects, and a lot of them for the Ukraine response; but there are also a lot of eager translators and reviewers on here, and tasks are claimed almost as soon as they are released by the TWB staff. Specifically for Ukrainian refugees, I have worked on about 6 tasks in the past two weeks, and my language pair is EN<>RO; I noticed that these tasks were available for other language combinations, like EN>UA or EN>PL.

I think organisations need to apply to become TWB partners in order to have their documents translated by TWB translators, but I guess we could always steer them in this direction by promoting TWB on social media or something similar.

The bottom line is that there are plenty of projects, but just as many (or more) translators and a solution to be able to claim projects on here is to be very active.

Happy translating!