Warning! You are not authorized to view this page

I have been trying to access the files through the tags on the homepage according to my language pair ‘English - Portuguese/ Portuguese - English’ and I always receive that specific issue “Warning! You are not authorized to view this page”

Is it possible to fix it?

Hi @Kepler22b and thank you for reaching out! :relaxed:
Many times, this issue regards something that needs to be changed on the project settings directly by the PM if possible, so can you please link here the specific project you are referring to?

If it happnes again, please let us know, either via the dedicated thread on the forum or by contacting the PM of the project directly :slight_smile:


  1. TWB Platform
    3.3 Centering the Learner for Greater Transformation Policy Brief_for translation.docx

Yesterday, there were two more tasks with the same issue, unfortunately, I’m not finding them.

Hi again @Kepler22b! In this case, for this specific project we require a person native in European Portuguese, so unfortunately you cannot claim it. But there will be soon a new project for you to work on, we suggest that you regularly check our homepage - new tasks can be published at any time.

We look forward to working with you! :hugs: