Updated Task Stream Model on TWB Platform

:gear: In the process of developing the TWB Platform and facilitating task access for community members, a new configuration was set up for how the platform displays language tasks to users.

:thought_balloon: In the past, the platform did not properly differentiate between variants of the same language. When a community member lists a certain target language variant in their profile, like Brazilian Portuguese for instance, the TWB Platform displayed all Portuguese tasks to that user including those for European and Mozambican Portuguese. :man_technologist:t2:

:triangular_flag_on_post: Going forward, when a community member filters for a language task, the TWB Platform will only display tasks that match the user’s specific language variant. For example, if you list in your profile that you translate to Portuguese (Brazil) :brazil:, you won’t see tasks for Portuguese (Mozambique) :mozambique:

:capital_abcd: The new configuration won’t affect source languages. Regardless of the variant, you will still be able to see all the tasks with the source language you list in your profile.

:memo: Below are the languages/variants included in the new configuration:

Azerbaijani Cyrillic Azerbaijani Latin
Bengali Bengali India
Bosnian Cyrillic Bosnian Latin
Chadian Arabic Chadian Arabic Latin
Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional
English English US
French French Canada French Congo
Kurdish Bahdini Kurdish Kurmanji
Lingala Lingala Makanja
Montenegrin Cyrillic Montenegrin Latin
Pashto Pashto Afghanistan
Portuguese Portuguese Brazil Portuguese Mozambique
Punjabi Gurmukhi India Punjabi Shahmukhi Pakistan
Rohingya Bangla Rohingya Latin
Serbian Cyrillic Serbian Latin
Sindhi Sindhi Arabic
Somali Ethiopia Somali
Spanish Spanish Colombia Spanish Latin America Spanish Mexico
Tamil India Tamil Sri Lanka