Unable to deliver "Lebanon analysis memo - French"

I am done with the task I picked up but I cannot seem to use the “Copy your translation from Kató TM to Kató”.
It generates an error and cannot seem to proceed. ( Error! Curl error (49383) responseCode: 500)

Is there a solution on how to solve this?.
I also tried to upload the xliff in another cat tool but got an error too.


Hi Yannick, thank you for reaching out. :slight_smile: I am not quite sure why you would want to copy the translation or submit it as a file. If you did the translation in Kató TM you just need to click ‘submit completed task’ in your claimed tasks section. Or did I miss something? I’m tagging my colleague @Ambraluna to keep her in the loop.


When I click submit completed task, I am brought back to a screen where I can either upload the translated file or use (as I do it usually) “Copy your translation from Kato TM to Kato” (see screenshot below)

when I do so, I get an error and thus, I am not able to deliver… although the file is fully translated on my side in Kato TM.


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