Unable to accept translation

I am attempting to accept translations, but I keep getting the error " Warning: This task can no longer be claimed, the job has been removed from Phrase TMS and will soon be removed from here."
I wonder whether this is because I have failed to complete part of my profile, or whether it’s just that the project has been removed, as it says in the prompt.

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I have the same problem here with Clear Global translation tasks…

Hi @christian.biggie and thank you for your interest in translating our projects! If you see that message, it might be that that project has been canelled so it’s not available anymore. In any case, I checked your profile to be sure and everything seems to be working fine :blush:

Hi @Elyanor-Aljundi22, do you see the same warning/error message? If so, it’s not a problem in your end, but, as the message said, the tasks have been removed and thus are no longer available for translation. If it’s a different message, please provide us with screenshots so we can identify the issue :slight_smile:

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