Translating a segment in Phrase TMS

Working on a segment

When you first open a task, segments are presented as unconfirmed with a red Red_X.png shown to the right of the segment.

  • Click on a segment to translate or revise. The segment you are working on is highlighted in a light red color.
  • Input your translation in the Target column.
  • Translation Memory (TM ), Term Base (TB) or Machine Translation (MT) matches are presented in the CAT pane. Review the matches to check if they are accurate and complete the segment. You can also use the Auto-complete tool. Auto-complete suggestions are based on matches from TM, TB or MT (if applied to the job). If suggestions are available they are presented when typing in a target segment the Tab key applies the suggestion. You can activate Auto-complete in the Tools menu in the top bar.

After you finish your work on a segment, there are three ways you can confirm a segment:

  1. Click on the check mark :heavy_check_mark: in the toolbar.

  2. Open the Edit drop-down menu on the top bar and click on Confirm segment.

  3. You can use the keyboard shortcut shown in the Edit menu on the right of the command. To confirm a segment, the Windows shortcut is Ctrl+Enter.

You can also select multiple segments at a time and confirm all of them.

Confirmed segments are automatically saved.

You will see a green check mark appear and replace the red X on the right of the segment: green_check.png.

:warning: Editing a segment unconfirms that segment.

When you confirm a segment, you will automatically move to the next unconfirmed segment.


Segments repeated in a document are labelled as repetitions. The first instance of a repetition is identified with a heavy arrow Repetition_heavy.pngand subsequent repetitions with a lighter arrow Repetition_light.png.
Your confirmed translation of a repeated segment will be propagated throughout the rest of the text where the same source segment is repeated. This means that when a linguist confirms a segment that is repeated later in the document, all repetitions of that segment are automatically confirmed.

How to enable a Repetition Exception
Clicking on the repetition icon crosses out the arrow Crossed_arrow.png to indicate an exception from the repetition. This allows the instance to have a different translation than the other identically repeated segments.

Unless the option is disabled by a Project Officer, Linguists can disable/enable the auto-propagation of repetitions in the CAT pane preferences.


Hi @ClaudiaM, the Memsource webinar was great!
I am also happy you could answer one of my questions! :blush: :star_struck:

I have one more though, which I asked during the webinar but due to time management it was too late for it to be answered: for those users who have a free edition of Memsource already, will there be the chance to open the TWB project through the personal Memsource profile there?

Is there any possibility for the translator to make a separate TermBase or Translation Memory along the translation project? For example: if one is working often for the same Organisation, it could be great to get access to a personal TermBase, in case the project officer doesn’t provide us with any.

Thank you in advance for your help and assistance. :blush:

Warm Regards,


Hi @ClaudiaM, @Ludovica92, I hope you are well! I am sorry that I wasn’t able to attend the live webinar for the new Memsource, i was just wondering if there is anyway we may be able to watch the webinar? I am sorry if it is already up somewhere and I haven’t seen it yet! Thank you very much for your help, Have a lovely day! :star_struck:


Hi @elissa.cosby! :blush: I hope you are well too! :star_struck:
I don’t know if the link to the recorded webinar has been posted somewhere in this section of the forum :thinking:
Maybe you can try and contact the TWB staff and let them send the link to you via e-mail :blush:


Hi @Ludovica92! Thank you very much for your kind message :blush: I will look again just in case it has been posted in this section, thank you so much again for your help! Have a lovely weekend :star_struck:


Thank you, dear @elissa.cosby :blush:
I wish you also a great weekend! :star_struck: :star_struck:


Thank you very much @Ludovica92 :blush: :star_struck:


Hi @elissa.cosby, you can now access the 30-minute recording of the webinar here on Youtube! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Hope you’ll find it useful!


Hi @ClaudiaM, i hope you are well, thank you very much for letting me know! That is great, i have accessed the webinar, it is very useful! Thank you again for your help :blush: All best wishes!


Hi @ClaudiaM :blush: do you have any news regarding my first message under your post? Do you know whom I can ask about it? :blush:


Hi @Ludovica92! i hope you are well, i looked at the questions that you had asked before! I am not sure that i can be of any help, but i think from what i remember from the webinar, that perhaps it is only possible to use Memsource via the TWB platform… but I am not quite sure… they are great questions! I am sorry that i can’t be of more help to you, hopefully will find out soon! :star_struck::star_struck:


Hi @elissa.cosby, thank you for your reply. :blush: :blush:
Yes, we can only use Memsource with all material provided by the PO of TWB.

My question was more related to the possiblity of creating a TM or Termbase along with the project I am translating, in case the PO doesn’t give us any TB or TM (together with the project) and we happen to work for the same organisation we worked for before.

For example, Smartcat creates a TM automatically for every new project, but Memsouce doesn’t do it by itself as per my experience (or maybe I am wrong :rofl:).

Let’s see how it is going to be in the future projects - looking forward to them! :star_struck:


Hi @Ludovica92, that’s ok! I understand :blush:, yes I haven’t used Memsource yet but I see what you mean, it may be possible to create a TM in that case… it would be very helpful if that was the case, hopefully will see soon! Have a lovely weekend! :star_struck: :star_struck:


Hi @Ludovica92, thank you for your question!
No, it will not be possible to create external TM/TBs when working on projects in Memsource because resources in a project are completely under the purview of our Project Officers. It would, however, be extremely unlikely that no TM would be active. All projects in TWB have a TM associated to them, and with our TM strategy we are hoping to improve the quality of the matches you get. Later this year, we are also planning to revamp our Term Bases to make sure most project can benefit from terminology work. There will also be opportunities to collaborate with terminology work, in case you are interested! :slight_smile: Hope this answers your question and sorry for overlooking it in my previous message!
Have a lovely day!


Dear @ClaudiaM, thank you for your answer! :star_struck: :star_struck: look forward to starting a project via Memsource soon! :heart_eyes:


I really appreciate the Memsource webinar. It’s great! I attempted my first translation having a very bad network and without watching the webinar as I claimed the task. I just watched the webinar and found it so invaluable! I believe my next use of the Memsource will be better done. I love Memsource due it its flexibility and options available.


I can more than agree with @Nura!
I already used Memsource prior the launch at TWB and I already loved it.
Thanks to this implementation it will be easier for me to work with it! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
(already used it once here, and it is really user-friendly with the TMs etc.)


Yes @ Ludovica, it is user-friendly.


Hi, how can I add special symbols?


Hi @bryaribrahim20,
I am not an expert in Memsource, but I would definetely try pasting and copying them.
Have a great day/evening!