Translate references

Hello, do I translate the references or leave them in the original language?

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It’s better to ask the project manager. Just go to your project section like this one.

But normally we don’t translate references, just the months. If someone would search the translated reference, there is a huge chance that they won’t find anything. As I say, it’s better to ask the project manager. Sometimes, we put a literal translation of the article’s title in parentheses, but this is not common.

Happy translating! :writing_hand:


Hi @NAWRASALNSER and thank you for reaching out!

I can echo what @PauloRibeiro kindly mentioned, you can also refer to this thread to know where to post the questions you have about your tasks so we can help you faster :running_woman:

I can also see that my colleague Paulina answered your question in the relevant thread so you can refer to her advice :innocent:

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions :dizzy:

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