Translatathon 2019: the results!

We are very excited to announce the results of the first TWB Translation Marathon, held between September 28th and October 7th.

Translatathon in numbers:
:man_technologist::woman_technologist: 350 participants
:earth_africa: 3 language combinations
:trophy: 317,150 words translated and revised
:white_check_mark: 36 newly verified translators

Translatathon - the projects
You worked on a variety of life-changing projects and directly helped the people who needed to receive this information in their own language. Here are some of the projects you helped with during the marathon:

WHO emergency translation project: thanks to your French translations, WHO will be able to train field humanitarian staff to be part of the Ebola crisis response in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In August 2019, the Ebola outbreak crossed the one year mark with no end in sight.

Save The Children USA - Reproductive Health in Emergencies: you contributed to making this training available in key languages such as Arabic and Spanish. This training will enable local aid workers to better describe how emergency situations affect the Sexual and Reproductive Health needs of adolescents. It will also help the local aid workers to understand current best practices and appropriate tools and resources for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights programming in emergency settings.

Terre des Hommes: the translation of Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action directly supports children and their families in more than 45 countries, and will help to assure their well-being. Thanks to you, this is now possible in languages such as Arabic, French, and Spanish.

Every Casualty Worldwide: the translation into French, Arabic and Spanish of casualty recording standards will provide organizations all over the world with casualty recording guidelines. This is in support of the principle that every life lost to armed violence should be promptly recorded, correctly identified and publicly acknowledged.

Foundation for Environmental Education: thanks to you, FEE will be able to train teachers and young students to take meaningful and purposeful action to help create a more sustainable world.

IDP: you supported IDP in the identification and the assessment of research and information gaps that hinder progress towards new interventions for a particular public health problem in the developing world.

Smile Train Inside Out Project: thanks to you and Smile Train, many children with clefts around the world, who usually have difficulty eating, breathing, hearing, and speaking, will be supported in their growth by parents who understand which are the best steps to support them.

E-cancer: thank you for contributing to E-cancer’s mission to support tens of thousands of medical professionals worldwide to learn new skills, update their knowledge and improve the care for their patients with cancer.

USA Hello: you supported USAHello by making their on-the-ground sources of support more comprehensible and accessible to the thousands of resettled refugees and immigrants.

Board of Champions - top 40:

Your enthusiasm and dedication to this initiative exceeded all expectations, and we are grateful beyond words for any contributions we received. Thank you for participating!
Some very prolific translators made it to the Board of Champions. Their names and points are listed below. Please remember that, for the marathon point calculation only, revisions and test reviews tasks count half of their volume.

:1st_place_medal: Hamid Alahmari - 20,031 points
:2nd_place_medal: Barbara Pissane - 16,812 points
:3rd_place_medal: Aghilas Ait Mihoub - 15,375 points

:medal_sports: Hugo Perret - 13,214 points
:medal_sports: Annesha Kar Gupta - 10,870 points
:medal_sports: Valérie Thirkettle - 9,541 points
:medal_sports: Michael Orlov - 9,141 points
:medal_sports: Maria Julia Galles de Rois - 8,239 points
:medal_sports: Mohamed Aglan - 6,042 points
:medal_sports: Lisa Carrington - 5,938 points
:medal_sports: Ivana Benzaquen - 5,343 points
:medal_sports: Emiile Rigault Fourcadier - 5,330 points
:medal_sports: Georges Latchimy - 5,248 points
:medal_sports: Antoni Morey - 5,090 points
:medal_sports: Ahmad Dabaghzadeh - 5,065 points
:medal_sports: Nathalie Thompson - 4,873 points
:medal_sports: Thomas Cateland - 4,396 points
:medal_sports: Hiba Moustafa - 4,345 points
:medal_sports: Ebtihal Ziyadah - 4,123 points
:medal_sports: Melisa Reljich - 4,069 points
:medal_sports: Muhannad Albayk Jaam - 3,911 points
:medal_sports: Ignacio Montalvo - 3,670 points
:medal_sports: Lydia dos Santos - 3,591 points
:medal_sports: Jennifer M. Lang - 3,352 points
:medal_sports: Nawal Sharabati - 3,130 points
:medal_sports: Sondos Hany - 2,847 points
:medal_sports: Donia Sadoun - 2,780 points
:medal_sports: Mario García González - 2,682 points
:medal_sports: Iris María Blanco Gabás - 2,643 points
:medal_sports: Laura García Sánchez - 2,604 points
:medal_sports: Cristina Zapata Carmona - 2,597 points
:medal_sports: Rahaf Alkharouf - 2,570 points
:medal_sports: Fabiana Zuccatto - 2,300 points
:medal_sports: Guillermo Pinilla Gallego - 2,300 points
:medal_sports: Mia Pomranky - 2,222 points
:medal_sports: María Luz Puerta López - 2,195 points
:medal_sports: Clarisse Outeiro Pean - 2,195 points
:medal_sports: Johanne Jean-Maitre - 2,137 points
:medal_sports: Emilie Jauliac - 2,137 points
:medal_sports: Elena Coppo - 2,017 points


What a great result for TWB! And what an achievement for our community! Well done to everybody. It was a good idea to organise this and a pleasure to take part in it. And welcome to the new members of our TWB community. There is plenty to do and the way the world is looking like at the moment, we will continue to be very busy!


Thanks, Valerie! We loved to work on this initiative with you all and we look forward to repeating it. And of course, we are hugely grateful for your support, enthusiasm and commitment!


Thank you @ambra, It was pretty interesting and great marathon.


I am so pleased. You made me over the moon. You raised my Adrenaline to the top for a whole week. I would rather the ranking to be for each language pair. But it was great. Thank you


Hi there
I am so happy!
I would like to thank the whole TWB team for its dedication!


Hi Mohamed,

We’re delighted to hear that you enjoyed taking part in the marathon. :tada: A ranking for each language pair is a very interesting suggestion we will take it into consideration next time, thank you :smiley:


Wow! A lot of people decided to take up the challenge, how cool! I envy everyone who got some TWB merch :eyes:. Hope to see these kinds of marathons more often. Great job!


I really enjoyed being a part of this an amazing opportunity! It was a great challenge! great Marathon!
Thank you,