Take a look at this 30-minute webinar on the Phrase TMS Web Editor!

:rocket: Starting from May, TWB will use a new translation tool, Phrase TMS :rocket:

Phrase TMS is a modern, widely used, user-friendly tool. To make the change easy for you, Phrase TMS has hosted an exclusive webinar for our Community members.
You can now access the 30-minute recording of the Phrase TMS webinar on Youtube :arrow_right: here. The webinar mentions Memsource, which is how Phrase TMS was formerly called. The tool has the same features you will find in Phrase TMS.

This webinar will provide you with all the information you need to work with this new tool and claim and complete tasks. :man_technologist: :woman_technologist:

:question: Any questions left? Take a look at the Phrase TMS section of the forum. If you have any doubts, you can also post your questions or reach out to translators@translatorswithoutborders.org


Just watched the webinar recap on YouTube. I was not able to catch the live stream, so thank you for sharing.
I’m especially curious about the in context preview


Hi @soke35

It’s great to hear you found the webinar useful! You can find more about the in context preview here :nerd_face:

Have a great day, Mustafa!


Thank you for the change. Memsource is simply a superior tool.
It should speed up the translation and makes our life easier.


We definitely hope it makes things easier for our translators, @luubuuphuongvl12! Thank you for your feedback :smiley:


Great! :sparkles::ok_hand: Really improved, loved the tags explanation and the preview of the transaltion work. Great features.


This seems to be a useful guidance to naviage as to how to use Memosource…

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Hi, I tried to go to Memsource and translate a task, but for some reason Memsource says “sorry we were not able to find a user for you. Please contact your System Administrator”. So if I were to click into Memsource’s main website and sign up in the same way of how I signed up for TWB (using the same email, sign up/log in with google), will TWB recognize it is me who’s doing the work?



I was new using Memsource and found it quite nice.
It was my first work as a translator back then.
I’m learning from it every time I claim a task. Thank you for the opportunity :+1:


Hi @helen.danghairong we seem to have a technical issue on Memsource :confused: could you please check if you received an automated email that includes your username on Memsource after claiming the task?

Hi Aya, yes I was able to claim and finish the task, problem has been solved. Thank you!

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Hi, Ms. ClaudiaM and everyone in TWB. I do appreciate all the learning you have been providing me; not only about Memsource but about “everything”. I remember not having access to information in the past. Knowledge was a privilege of extremely few people. That is why I feel so privileged right now, writing to you.
Kind regards.


Thank you for your nice words, Michael! We are truly happy that your experience with us is providing new things to learn, and we will be always happy to support you in this regard. We’re looking forward to collaborating with you in near future :dizzy: :sunflower:



I’m trying to complete my first translating assignment but I watched the memsource video but when i click on the link to go to memsource, it’s not working I have the page open but it wouldn’t let me click on anything so it’s not doing anything i can’t type or click on the tabs.

Hi @salwacaldwell Could you please share a screen shot for what happens when you try to access the task so I can check it? thanks!