Tags and formatting error

The tag and format for a segment are all set and matching but the QA would not let me confirm it. Any help regarding this would be much appreciated.

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Hi, @TheLinguist, this is probably the dumbest suggestion you’ll get, but when I ran into a similar problem after running the QA, I closed the page and re-opened it a few minutes later and the problem was resolved. Good luck!


This worked for me. Thank you!

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So glad that it worked, @TheLinguist ! Have a great day!

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I have the same problem as the Linguist. I closed the page and re-opened it but unfortunately this didn’t work for me.

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I am not sure what was the problem or bug but it worked for me after signing in more than a couple of times. Try to log out and then sign in back. Good luck.

Hi @Marina1,

Have you contacted the project manager? (Their contact information is on the project page just in case you didn’t already know that.)

I tried again several times but still not working. Where can I find the project manager’s contact information?

Hi @TheLinguist , @tgabow and @Marina1 and thank you for helping one another with this little challenging matter :sweat_smile:

I’d only like to mention that sometimes the system detect issues in the QA that are not really errors in the translator’s work, so in this case, if the issues prevent from proceeding in a task or marking it complete, you can let us know and we will be happy to help you with this for sure :dizzy: In my next post, I clarified how you can find the thread relevant to your tasks to seek faster assistance :innocent:

@Marina1 I can see that you have a number of tasks in progress in your profile, if you’re having an issue with any one of these, kindly let me know :sunflower:

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Hi Aya,
I’m having an issue with ‘JAN 2022 BIO UPDATES’. It’s overdue and am unable to mark it as ‘complete’.

I see that the task is successfully submitted now @Marina1 :white_check_mark: Just to make it easier to ask questions about the tasks you’re working on, you can refer to the thread specified for each task by clicking on the link included with task description, in the same thread, you’ll find the email address of the project manager of your task :innocent:

Thanks. for your help, Aya.

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