Support CLEAR Global's response to help people in Ukraine and across borders

The Ukraine crisis is deeply impactful and concerning to all of us. Over 800,000 people have fled Ukraine in the past week, moving to Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, and other countries. Millions of others have stayed in Ukraine, suffering the destruction of infrastructure and disruption of services.

You might have experienced something similar in your life. People in our community have fled conflicts and lived in areas hosting displaced people. We know the devastation that war brings. We also have a compassionate, motivated, caring community that is ready to support others. Many of you have already offered to help with your language skills. Your response has been heartwarming and we thank you for that. We are currently organizing crisis response projects and partnerships, and you are likely to see an increase in projects, especially if you speak a language that is relevant in this crisis.

Right now, we need to understand what capacity we can rely on. We would be really grateful if you could take a few minutes to provide us with some information about your availability through this form.

If you wish, you can help further by:

  1. Sharing our social media content - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
  2. Spreading the word about our Ukraine Emergency Community Translation Partnership program, especially if you know any local organizations in Ukraine or neighboring countries that need language support. This might also create more projects for your languages.
  3. Making a donation to help us create language resources, and mobilize and train people on the ground to support people affected by the crisis who speak over 20 languages.

Thank you for being part of our TWB Community. Your contribution will make a difference in someone’s life.


This is a great initiative!

Have you had this call (+ the Form) translated into the relevant languages? If so, great!
If not, this might be helpful to spread the word even further - for example, I know PL/CZ/RU<>DE translators that don’t speak English and would miss this important information if it was available in EN only.

All the best


Hi Robert and thank you for your suggestion. I replied to your email to let you know that your suggestion will be taken into consideration :innocent:

Thank you again for your support :star2:


Hi Robert, thanks a lot for your message and feedback! This is very helpful to know.
We translated our call to volunteers in all the relevant languages of this crisis - you can see the one in German here as an example.

I believe it makes sense if the form stays in English. Most of our projects (if not all of them) will have English either as source or target language, so it’s essential that volunteers involved in this crisis response can understand English. We hope we’ll have a way of including everyone who’s willing to support!


You’re doing a great job! Thanks for the explanation, ambra.


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Hello !!!
This is a good and great idea for help Ukrainians refugees.
All concerned by this war !!!


I really enjoy this idea. I wish I couldp help. I am native brazilian portuguese speaker. I also speaks french and spanish. Hope we can do soething to this in crisis ukranian people.

my best


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That’s amazing! We have to take care of our brothers! :grinning: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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