Subtitling training

Hello fellow translators,

I’m new here on TWB and can’t wait to start contributing!

Could anyone recommend a subtitling course or training?

Thank you very much,


Hi, @Isabella15!

I’m not into subtitling, but I remember a great book about it:

Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling, by Jorge Díaz Cintas and Aline Remael.

I studied it at college. There are great tips in the book. Let’s see if I can find at least one more thing for you… :thinking:

Well, I found one of the authors of the book making a free online class about it:

Video 1.

Video 2.

And I recommend you to see this video. There are links of courses in the description.

Happy subtitling! :desktop_computer:


Hello @Isabella15 and thanks a lot for your question.
I can’t think of any particular courses, however, we often have subtitling projects and we have gathered detailed instructions for volunteers. Since we use DotSub, all materials come from their support page. Maybe you can take a look in advance, in case they are helpful for you? Thanks again.