Some parts of source document not accessible for translation in Memsource

Hi All,

I have completed my translation in Memsource: I can see onscreen that every cell has been completed and has a green tick.

However, when I preview the translation and take a look at it in Word, I can see that several parts have not been translated. They are still in the source language. They do not appear on Memsource for me to translate, I cannot see them in Memsource.

Does this mean my translation is not complete? Do I submit it as it is?

Thank you for your help!


Hi @katharine.e.kenyon,

I’ve had the same thing happen and it didn’t make sense to me either. It might be best to contact the project manager (their information is on the project page, which you probably already knew…) Good luck!

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Hi @tgabow

Thank you so much for your reply! Very reassuring to know it’s not just me … good idea, I will contact the project manager. I didn’t know that was an option!

Thanks again!



Hi @katharine.e.kenyon and thank you for working on your first task! :star2:

I can confirm that you completed your translation indeed, if you’d like to save a copy of your translation, you can export it to a bilingual DOCX :arrow_right: You’ll only need to run a QA check before you submit the task :white_check_mark: You can refer to our Manual for more explanation in this thread

Just to make it easier to ask questions about the task you’re working on, you can refer to the thread specified for each task by clicking on the link included with task description, in the same thread, you’ll find the email address of the project manager of your task :innocent:

Please let me know if you need any further assistance! :dizzy: