Saving Segment Error in Memsource

It’s happened to me twice now where I’ll be working on a task and then I suddenly get an error message displaying
“Saving segment #xx on the server has failed.”

The second time this happened, it happened to 3 segments.

I have reached out to Memsource via their “contact us” button.

The feedback I’ve received so far was that it could happen when there is a limited connection to their servers.

They advised to try the following:

1.Try opening the task in a different browser (I’ve tried refreshing the page, opening a new tab, and even opening a new window using the same browser before trying a new browser with no success but maybe you’ll get lucky :smiley: )

2.Download the Bilingual MXLIFF file, open it in the Editor for Desktop and confirm it there.

I hope this helps someone out there.

Personally, I had to wait hours for it to fix itself, but I know that’s not always possible with the deadlines.

I’d definitely recommend posting on the task discussion page after trying these and hopefully the PM will follow up with other options.


Thanks for sharing this @Precilias

I’m sure it’ll be really useful for other volunteers too :star_struck: :star2:



There is no way I can save the finished work without the segment error.
I don’t know what to do and my deadline is today.

Hi @Nicte and thank you for reaching out! :star2:

I can see that there are 5 unsaved segments (53, 55, 57, 59, 61) which are similar in their source text. I added the translation and saved the segments on your behalf :innocent:

If you’d like to change the and it doesn’t work again, please let me know what translation you’d like to include so I change it again for you :innocent: