Questions about the translation


It is my first translation here and I don’t know where I can ask doubts to the partners. For example, I have an acronym in my source text that I’m not sure if they would prefer to change to make it concordance with the Spanish words or kept in English.

Thank you!
Lola Ortiz

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Hi @Lola, thank you for your message and welcome to TWB! :wink: You can always reach out to the PM of the tasks you claim by posting a message in the project specific thread. This is how you can find it.
I could not see any task claimed by you at the moment – could you please let me know which one you are referring to so I can redirect you to the correct thread? Thanks a million!

Hi @ClaudiaM!
Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: . I did post it in the project, but I didn’t receive any answer. So, I made a decision based on the suggestions on the Kato tool, because yesterday it was the last day I was going to be able to work in the text and I need it to send it. Anyway, I’ll copy the link where I posted my question, only to make sure that was right (for future occasions).

Thank you for your response!!

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