Printing source and target segments

Once I have completed the translation, is it possible to print the source and target segments together?. I prefer proof-reading on paper than on the screen, particularly when I have spent a couple of hours behind the screen.

Thank you


Hi @781987

Thank you for reaching out!

When you work on a task, you’ll be able to have a copy for both source and target texts, clicking on (Documents > Export to bilingual DOCX) :arrow_right: but please note that some of our translated material are confidential and shouldn’t be available outside our translation environment such us on papers :pray:

We surely understand that staying behind the screens for a long time may be tiring :computer: for this reason, make sure you claim tasks that fit your schedule and availability, so that you know you’ll have time to take breaks and stay comfortable :wink:

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Thank you @Aya.Alrifai

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