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Hello dear volunteers and CLEAR Global staff. I hope you are doing great. I have been volunteering since March 2021. I am working on my Translation Portfolio and was wondering if I can use the tasks I worked on as portfolio. I will just take screenshots of some small parts of the tasks I worked on, and share them in my social media platforms. Will that be ethically & legally ok? Plus if you know free portfolio building websites, please share it with me.
Thanks a lot.

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@ClaudiaM @Ambra1 @Aya.Alrifai will some answer me, please!

Hi @Amin1 :relaxed: Thank you for reaching out :hugs:

On our TWB Community Forum, we have a dedicated thread where we’ve shared the guidelines to share your work as part of your professional portfolio. In a nutshell,

If a project is open to the public and you find it online, you can share it.

However, since projects in the TWB workflow are the result of a team effort, we recommend that you highlight that you contributed to a project for TWB and the extent of your contribution (for example chunks, a translation task, a revision task, etc.).

Once the whole project has been completed and delivered (you can check the status in the “Claimed tasks” section in your TWB profile, remember to filter for “Any task status” or “Completed tasks”) and you’ve checked whether it is public or not, you can share it as part of your portfolio. Please note that it might take a while before a completed project is published on a partner’s website.

Please remember, that if you cannot find it online, you need to contact us and we will look into it and ask permission from the partner. Sharing a project not open to the public without the partner’s specific permission might create problems, both for you and for us.

I hope this was helpful. Please, do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any further questions or comments :slight_smile: