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I havent translated streams for a while now. When I tried a couple of days ago to claim a project, I did not find the CAT platform and I did not know how to upload translated file if I translated it on a separate sheet. Please tell me how I can do it.

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Hi @Khaled1,

Hope you are having a wonderful day.

We are profusely happy that you are able to share this with us, but one important thing to note is that in order for you to be able to open a task in Phrase TMS you must ensure that the task you are trying to open is claimed and that its deadline has not yet passed. If you think the task you are trying to open can still be claimed or worked upon and that you are not able to open it, please reach out to one of the TWB project officers and they will surely help you or take this issue to the next level (IT Support Team).

Please note that you are automatically logged in to the Phase TMS and you do not have to work using another CAT tool.


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Thanks for your reply. But how can I contact the IT support team because I can not reach phase TMS



Hi @Khaled1,

Thanks for your question! As my colleague @Igera mentioned, :sunflower: make sure that you have claimed the task first. This means that you will see the task(s) in your claimed tasks section. Also, you will receive a confirmation email that you have claimed this task(s). Then, to be able to work on this task, just go to your “claimed tasks” section and click on it and you will be directed to Phrase (Memsource previously) where you can work.

If the task is exist in your claimed tasks but it’s not possible to open it, then tag your project manager and they will help you.

To be able to tag your PM just got to claimed tasks section, then click on the thread that related to this task. So, that link will direct you here to the community but in the specific thread that related to your task. Then, you will be able to know your PM from the post and tag them.

I hope this helps! :innocent:

Have a nice day!

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Hey @Khaled1 , thanks for showing interest in supporting us. I can confirm that all the information shared by @Dalia1 and @Igera is indeed accurate! I would like to put emphasis on the fact that we encourage all or volunteers to use the CAT tool while working with us. You can also contact us at incase you do not have access to Phrase.

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Hello TWB Community,

I hope you are well.

I have claimed a project whose title is “10 PT djangojs.po”. Upon opening it, I noticed that the previous translator hasn’t, thoroughly, translated it as requested.

It’s a more complex translation. So, all I ask is: could someone please extend the deadline for me?

Have a great day.

Yours sincerely,
Thalyson Teixeira

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Hi @ThalysonTeixeira,

Thanks for working on this task!

I suggest to write this message in the relevant thread to this task to get quicker help/ respond?

Kind regards,

Hi @ThalysonTeixeira, thank you for reaching out :blush:
As @Dalia1 suggests, it is better to ask for deadline extension in the dedicated thread (remembering to tag the PM) or directly to the PM of the project via email, as it is only them that can change the deadline of a task :slight_smile:

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