No button to start on TwB platform or link in an email after claiming task

Hi, I’ve just claimed '3 Anxiety and generalised anxiety disorder’revision task but there is no button on the TwB platform to start revision neither a link in the email. Could you help, please? Thanks

Hi Julita, it may be that the translator has not finished the translation yet, you will get another email when the document is ready for revision.
have fun

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I can confirm, that is the case. You will be informed when the translation is ready :smile:

I want to translate any document but I don’t know how. I can 't wait to start translating

Hi @noeliacaiola333 and welcome to our Community! :hugs:

If you are interested in translating our projects, you have to claim tasks through our platform: here you can find a video showing you how to do that.

To translate our projects you need to use the Phrase TMS platform. The Phrase TMS Editor for Web will open automatically when you click on the green button Translate using Phrase TMS that you find under tasks in your Claimed tasks page. To learn more about translating with Phrase TMS Web Editor, please check out this thread in our forum community. You can also watch this webinar - note that Phrase TMS was previously known as Memsource, but nothing has changed in the way it works.

I also suggest you read through our Translator’s Toolkit, where you can find everything you need to know about translating projects with us. :slight_smile:

Hello, i claimed a transaltion task a day ago, but know it shows completed. What happened? Can anyone help?