New to TwB - finished requested word count but still left with untranslated pages of document?

Hi everyone. I recently claimed a task of 953 words. I downloaded the pdf document which was 1884 words. I have completed the 953 words on memsource, but am I expected to complete the rest? Is this an error?

I don’t imagine the charity would’ve uploaded a whole document just to have one half of it translated… any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you

Hi @niamhcullen

Firstly welcome to TWB :star_struck:

So, each project or document is divided up into chunks to make it more manageable for the volunteers working on the project!

The total word count of the project you were just working on is 8664 and the project has been broken up into 9 chunks.

When you download the pdf, you can see the entire document including the chunk you were working on!

I hope this has clarified things for you, Niamh! Thanks so much for your support on the project :smiley: