Memsource Android App

Hi all,

Is there a way to use the Memsource app for Android? I spend a lot of time travelling and would like to use that time translating from my phone.

Do I need to request credentials of some sort?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @elias.aued and welcome to our community! :dizzy:

I believe that Memsource Android App should work fine to complete tasks on our platform, but no credentials should be used in the app, as our tasks are accessed using specific Memsource URLs that automatically become accessible for the volunteer who claims the relevant tasks (so there is no need to log in manually, and if any login information was previously added in the app, it may not work with our tasks properly :thinking:)

However, if the app doesn’t work, some volunteers did try translating their tasks using a normal web browser on their mobiles, so this could be a good option too :iphone:

I hope this helps! :innocent:

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