Memosource for Arabic translations

Hi everyone,

I want to upload memosource and use it for En and Fr into Arabic Translations, build a translation memory, terminology glossary etc, Translator’s stuff you know!

Do you have in mind any clues, tips or settings that I have to be aware of when starting using it?


Hi @elsamartin_im !

Nice to meet you :slight_smile: I’m Manuel. I hope you’re having a great Monday.

Excellent questions! Thanks for reaching out. I’ll share a few tips below, and some reading material for you to dive into, but this is actually a great set of questions for a new topic in the forum about setting up translation resources in CAT Tools… Food for thought for sure! We’ll see if we can find the time to work on something like that.

Getting to your questions, I would suggest that you begin by taking a look at the Translation Memories and Terminology Base sections of the Phrase documentation. They will give you a great overview of how the system works. Then, there are a few interesting places where you can read more about these topics:

Another suggestion I have is to think ahead and try to make your setup sustainable and easy to scale up, but don’t go overboard. Your needs will naturally change over time, and what is important is that you can adapt how you manage your resources to new challenges.

Finally, please note that I’m afraid you will not be able to upload your own TBs and TMs to the TWB Phrase we use in daily projects. That functionality is not available in the Phrase system.

I hope this helps you out, but please feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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Hi Manuel,

Thank you for this detailed informations. I am gonna read carefully before starting any “hazardous manœuvres” :sweat_smile:

I thought that with few tips I can start diving in, as I’ve already seen how it works while at the university and afterwards.

Anyway, thank you again and if I have any new questions I won’t hesitate.