Kató Community Photo Contest - 1st Edition


They say a picture is worth a thousand words so we’re bringing you, our wonderful community of wordsmiths, :camera_flash: photo contest :camera_flash: to see if that’s true!

The theme for our first edition will be “mother tongue”. The aim is to send us a photo that conveys this theme, for example a baby trying to communicate with his/her mother, a traffic sign with your hometown’s name in your language, a landscape or image that reflects a word typical of your native language… what images does the term “mother tongue” conjure up within you?

:memo: Rules:

  • Each translator can post one photo maximum that reflects the theme “mother tongue” (staff members are not allowed to take part).
  • Your entry must be an original photograph owned by you.
  • Offensive photos will be deleted.
  • 1 like (:heart:) will equal 1 vote. Staff members are allowed to vote.
  • The contest will run for 1 month from September 24th to October 24th.
  • The winner will be the photo with most likes.
  • The winner will have to be an active volunteer and have translated for TWB by October 26th. This means they must have finished at least one task by then.
  • You are the owner of the image and have the right to publish/use it. In addition, by submitting a photo/picture you grant TWB permission to publish your image on its website and/or promotional material.
  • Participating in the contest means you accept these terms and conditions.

:trophy: Prize:

  • The winner will receive a TWB-branded item.
  • The winning photo will be posted on TWB social media (with translator’s permission)

Here’s an example of a possible photo entry for the contest:

Why? For me, this traditional white village, with its cozy bars and hand-written menu boards reminds me of the flavour of Spanish we speak in my hometown.

Where do I write these 3 to 4 words related to the topic? mentioned on the Project description
Can't locate the task's TM
TWB Maiduguri Volunteers
How to become a Kató Verified Translator
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TWB Language Needs - DRC languages, Indian languages, Kurdish, Bangla and Somali
TWB Maiduguri Volunteers


This is Puerto Madero, one of the most iconic scenes of my birthplace, Buenos Aires. It’s decorated for Christmas.

Why do I choose this as my mother tongue picture? Well, I don’t live in Buenos Aires any more, but I usually visit every year for Christmas. This picture reminds me of everything that Argentina represents for me; familiarity, our amazing culture and food and, of course, our Spanish language.


Here is Saib Tabirizi’s Tomb (Isfahan, Iran), the pretty known and Iranian poet. This photo and Persian writing on it’s wall reminds me my mother tongue.


That’s an amazing picture, Ahmad! I love the colors :star_struck:


Bunch of thanks indeed Mpaug.:pray::hibiscus:


Fernando Pessoa in Oporto, couldn’t think of a better photo to represent my language: portuguese! :slight_smile:


Hey, how can I post a pic in this contest? I would love to join. Unfortunately I didn’t find the posting option rather replying to others.


Hi @Shakil, as you see in these photos, you can click on the reply option at the bottom of the post (not reply under each individul’s comment). So, you can upload your photo (photo 2) and you have your post.
Good luck


Many thanks Ahmed! Hope I’ll be able to upload the photo now.


Bengali literature written on the glass and concrete exterior of a multi-storied building in capital Dhaka, Bangladesh.


A baby trying to communicate to her mother in Kanuri language of Maiduguri, Borno state North Eastern Nigeria


Hello @Abubakar!
I think there’s was a problem with your photo, could you try uploading it again? We can help you if you need it :slight_smile:


Can’t upload my photo, why please?


I can see it now, @Abubakar, no worries! :slight_smile:


Thanks for adding this to the forum as well as instagram! Great photo for ‘mother tongue’


Good picture…you can feel the hot temperature of Christmastime with all those airconditionings in a row…Amazing!!!


Thanks Danielle! Family pic.


A llama walks into a dry cleaner’s_

This was once a monthly sight in my neighborhood about 20 km west of Boston. A llama lived at a small local farm and a local resident took her for walks three days a week. Once a month, she took the llama to the neighborhood dry cleaning store.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: dying!!!