Kató Community Photo Contest - 1st Edition


The quality of this photo is not good. I took it at an exhibition at the Queen’s Gallery in London, as a souvenir for myself, not for publication. The other exhibits included ancient Islamic manuscripts, gloriously illuminated documents and this exhibit stood out because of its simplicity. It relates to English, my mother tongue, in that each word is carefully transcribed into Hindustani by this elderly woman, at that time Empress of India. I especially like the entry ‘Tea is ready’!


Sayyidah Zaynab, Cairo, Egypt.


Beautiful baby. Allah Ya raya ta.


Thank you so much, I hope you voted my photo


This photo shows the calmness, beauty and various colours of Scotland.


The Djurdjura mountains are the symbol of Kabylie (a Berber region situated in the north of Algeria)
I took this photo in my grandparents village on 2015 winter.
It remembers me my background, my community’s deep history, my mother tongue, the Kabyle


The Spanish-named missions are a distinctive reminder of the rich bilingual Spanish/English culture we have in California.


This is my kingdom at the center of Maiduguri city, the kingdom of great history and home of peace, anytime anywhere I saw this picture it remains me of my native language. Click like for the future of TWB


I was walking on a rainy day feeling homesick and suddenly I came across my country’s candy flag sculpture by the French artist, Laurence Jenkell, right in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

I stood there for a while trying to remember when it was the last time I spoke in my native language, Arabic, here in the city and to be honest I couldn’t remember when it was! I feel overwhelmed all the time by writing my dissertation during the week and working on the weekend at TransPerfect that I literally had no time to meet or speak my native language here in the city.

I know it’s late to participate in the photo contest but I want anyone here who couldn’t speak their native language even if it was for a while and for whatever reason to tell me their stories. Send me a message or reply to me here as I’d like to know if you’ve experienced the same thing.

Lots of love from New York :slight_smile:


I share this feeling so much! I spend a lot of time out of Italy and when I’m not there I don’t speak Italian with anyone. This means that sometimes I spend months without having a long conversation in Italian, and when I’m back I need a couple of days to be fluent and speak normally :smiley: isn’t that weird?


Many people described these, mountains as in meeting. All these mountains are Adwa mountains where Italiy soliders defeted by ethiopian heros before 122 years. Many people enjoyed looking the sunset over the mountains and its landscapes.


It’s Pretty beautiful photo @betsygee.



I also share your feelings, but my problem is a little different from yours. I wanted to pray and I don’t know where to face and pray in Enugu, Nigeria. I look all around to see if I can see Masjid, but unfortunately there is none. I became frustrated more when I could not get anyone to tell me where to face and pray. It was unpleasant experience that made me smile at the end.


Dear team, thank you so much for taking part in this contest! We loved to see so many interpretations of the topic “mother tongue” as well the beautiful places you’ve been around the world! The picture @Ahmad posted received the most likes and he wins this first edition! Congratulations :tada:
Thank you all once again for participating. Because we liked your pictures so much, we will be posting some of them in our social media :heart:



Congratulations @Ahmad :grinning::+1::tada:


Thank you @Amal_Alaboud, it’s kind of you :blush::hibiscus:


Congratulations Ahmad


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