Introduction to Humanitarian Translation for the TWB Community

Thank you @Aya.Alrifai

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I have followed the whole training as a guest. Then when I wanted to take the final test I realized I should have logged in from the very beginning, which I did afterwards. I went through all 4 sections again and answered the 4 reflection questions. Still I can’t see where to tick complete, and therefore I am not allowed to take the final test.
Can you please advise?

Hi @Marylinepn :dizzy:

Welcome to our community, and thank you for taking the course! :blush:

As you rightly said, viewing the course as guest doesn’t give access to the final test. Also, if you create an account to take the course as a user, you will need to enroll in the course to be able to take the test as mentioned above) :arrow_double_up:

I’ve just done the enrollment step on your behalf, could you please try going through the course for a short time (making sure you view all the pages so the system marks all the course complete) and check if the test becomes accessible for you? :eyes:

Hi there,

Can you please help me get testes? I have completed the course, and I’m logged in already, but I can’t get to the test section! It keeps taking me to the page where it tells me that I need to be enrol first!

Hey @mariam3isa Indeed, you need to enroll to the course before you can access the test section of the module. I have seen that you actually managed to enroll yourself, took the test and even got the certificate. Congratulations!

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Hi, I finished the Humanitarian Translation course but i can´t open TEST YOURSELF to do the exercises and get the certificate. Can you help me please?

Hi @vilelaaliria and thank you for taking the course! Could you please check if the test is accessible now?

Hi Claudia,

Thanks for this course. It’s really informative.
However, I think I ran into some technical issues. I created the account and enrolled in the course as requested. As I went over the material and tasks, I noticed that I couldn’t mark the sections as read (or that they were not checked, depending on what is meant to happen). I even redid the first two sections a couple of times. Then I did the final test and passed. But there was no option to download the certificate and when I clicked on it I just got a semi-transparent, greyish layer over the test results without anything further happening. I would really appreciate if you could clarify how/where I can download the certificate, or where I went wrong (the checking off of the individual sections perhaps)?

Thanks a million,

Hi Bri

I checked your profile on the platform and I’m afraid that the information related checking the course sections is deleted :confused: for this reason the certificate doesn’t exist. I’ll enroll you in the course again, since you viewed the material, you can take the test again and check your email for the certificate once the test is completed

I hope this helps, do let me know if you need any assistance :dizzy:

Hi Aya,
I did the course again yesterday and now I could check-off the sections and it does indeed show the results in the grade section. However, I still don’t see where I can download the cert. If I click on that little button when it tells me that I was successful I still get this greyish/transparent field, without anything else happening. Here’s a screen capture, so that you see what I mean:

Thanks for the help,

Oh, I see, actually “The Training Course on Humanitarian Translation” doesn’t offer a certificate. But the course mentioned above “The Introduction to Humanitarian Translation for the TWB Community” course does. This is the same course I enrolled you in yesterday, so if you’re interested in receiving a certificate, please feel welcome to take the course :innocent:

Let me know if you need any assistance :sunflower:


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Mystery solved!
Thanks for this. That course is next on my list :wink:

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I have tried twice to enroll and do the course but can not get the final test. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @TextoNatur

Sorry that you encountered this issue. I enrolled you to make the test accessible for you. Kindly check it and let us know if you could complete it successfully :innocent:

Hello Mr.Gloria today I attempted to take course followed all the instruction and completed the course throughly , but I couldn’t take the test , I pressed the " Test yourself " blue button at the bottom of the page , but it didnt work, I was looking forward to aquiring my certifcate , your help would be mush appreciate.

Hi Aya.Alrifai,
I worked fine, test completed.

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I have seen the " Introduction to Humantarian Translation for the TWB Community" course and was interested thus , I followed the instruction outlined , and have finished the test and when I reached the final step which is the test I was unable of taking it I clicked incessantly on the blue button as per instruction and nothing happenend, was looking forward to receiving the cerificate, but I am hoping you guys could help make this happen, Thanks

Hello @Abdullah.jama96,

When you started the course, did you make sure you enrolled correctly?
To be able to take the test, you have to enrol in the course like this: Introduction to Humanitarian Translation for the TWB Community
Otherwise, I believe the platform won’t recognise you are in the course and won’t let you proceed to the quiz to earn your certificate.

If you enrolled in the right way and the issue is still not solved, I would advise you to ask @ClaudiaM or @ambra for help, as I can’t help much, sadly.

All the best,


Hi Abdullah, and many thanks for taking the course!

As Catarina kindly mentioned, the enrollment step is needed to have access to the final test and receive the certificate. To make it easier, I did the enrollment step for you and you should be able to take the test. Do let me know if you need any assitance :dizzy:

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Hello, I’m Jean Claude. I recently joined TWB.
I’ve just completed the course. It was amazing! I learned lots of new things.