Incorrectly formatted (bilingual) task and other problems

Since it appears that either no topic was created for the task in question in the first place or that the link is dead, I’ve no other choice but to post this here.

In the task’s detail page the file is 6072 words that need to be translated from English into Arabic, but when I began working on the translation, it turns out the content in English was only half the word count, and the rest is its French translation. This would obviously mean that once I’ve completed the translation of all the English segments into Arabic, the progress bar could only show 50%.

The fact that the task doesn’t have its own topic, this whole French/English mess and the fact that the file isn’t cut into smaller chunks per usual all make for a very strange translating experience :thinking: :laughing:
Anyway, I’d really appreciate any feedback!

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Hi Suzanne, thank you for reaching out. We’ve recently had technical issues and that’s probably why the KC link is dead. Sorry about that :confused: . I’m not sure why there is a problem with the task itself, I have notified the PO for this project and they should get back to you.

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Hi @Suzanne94,

Thanks a lot for pointing that out.
You are right. The project should have been only posted with one source language.
Since the French part of the text appears to be the same as the English one, you did the correct thing to inform us and translate only in the required language pair.

Sorry about the confusion and thanks a lot for your help.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have more questions or if you find any other similar situation.