How to include a web link in Memsource

Good morning,

I am still new to Memsource and I am doing my first translation which includes web links. Can you please tell me how to include them as I haven’t managed to so far.

Thank you for your help.


Hi, Sandrine @781987!

Not all translators like, but when it comes to links, tags and other formatting types, I would use copy source to target. It’s Ctrl + Insert in Windows.

For me is the easiest way to not make mistakes. Is that the question you asked or you’re referring to tags? Either way, if you use that shortcut, you’ll have the tags in the target segment.

Happy translating! :writing_hand:

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Ah, and one more thing, @781987. You can be a Memsource certified user. This can help you learn more about the platform. It’s free!

Just a tip: be prepared to see questions which don’t appear in the material. Remember that teacher who said you have to know about a topic that you don’t see in years, because it is “common knowledge”? Yeah, that time is not over. :rofl:

But first things first: do your job here in TWB, and then you’ll focus on passing the exam. If I passed, everyone can do it. :joy:

Why? Because I am still a child who dreams to become a secret boss in a game like Disgaea. I have my own evil laugh (I copied it from someone I don’t remember): bwahahaψ(`∇´)ψhahaha! :smiling_imp:

Therefore, someone who lives in reality can and will do a better job. Go for it! :wink:

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Hi Paulo,

Splendid :grinning:, it is working! Thank you so much for your help.

Do you remember roughly how long it took you to do the Memsource certified user course?

Have a good day.


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Hi, Sandrine @781987!

Thank you for your patience. This week has been insane. :tired_face: :sweat:

It took me three days: two to study the material and one to take the test.

I’ll have an awesome week. I’ll take some days off. :grin: :tropical_drink: :video_game: :sleeping_bed: :books: