How to get tags shown

Why doesn’t the icon below the input field show in my Kato TM file? Actually, I cannot see any tag (but for a very few cases) either in the source or target text…

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Hello @Silvia_Irene,

If you look at the target sode of your translation, you’ll sometines have something like ‘<…>’ or :arrow_forward: (or alike symbols), just under the field in which you insert your translation.

Now, I am clearly speaking under control…but hope I helped,

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Hello Silvia, I’m looking at your translation now (I assume the project you are talking about is Gold Guide 3, isn’t it?). It looks like you could add tags to your translation? I see for example that segment 365169 has all tags correctly included :slight_smile:

As @Iris said, you only have to type < to see the drop down menu for tags. From there, you can choose the correct one. Thank you Iris for helping Silvia :wink:

You’re welcome, @ambra… Merry Christmas to both of you:blush: