How to check the revised version of my translation if I don't have an idml reader?

Hello, I recently translated some files, but I cannot open the revised version, because I don’t have an idml reader. Could somebody help me what to do in this case to be able to check it? It would probably be really useful to see the revised version.

Thank you for your answer!

Hey @borbasbrege , I see that you worked on several idml tasks for different projects. In this case, on your profile, kindly click on complete tasks then get the email address of the PM ( for the specific task)you need who will then send you the workflow changes upon your request.

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Thank you for your answer. I emailed the PM, but unfortunately, I am receiving no message since 14 days now. I already wrote 2 emails to her.

Hey @borbasbrege , so sorry for this. It could be they are working on alot of things and have not gotten to your email yet :sweat_smile:. Could you kindly send me the name of the task to so that we see if we can get in touch with them from their side?