How to change my email address

Hello. This is my first question (maybe).

I need your help.
I do not know how to change my email address for TWB.
If you know the method or procedure for changing the email address,
would you please give me the instruction?
Thank you very much in advance for your kindness.
With best regards,

Hi @Yoko, welcome and thank you for your message! :slight_smile: Please contact us at with your request and we will change your email address for you.

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Dear Claudia(m),
Hello. I deeply thank you for your help and reply.
I shall send the information asap.
I am happy If I could keep and continue the long contribution to TWB activity as long as I can.
In some cases, I cannot do anything because I have no capability of translating in that field, but I want and hope to do my best as long as I can.
May the God preserve all of you and me on the Earth and in the Heaven.
Thank you very much for everything!!!