How to add second native language?


I was wondering if there is a way to add a second native language to our profiles or if TWB could add this possibility?

There are many translators who have grown up in bilingual environments and therefore have more than one native language. The option of adding a second native language would be very useful.


Hi Graham, thanks a lot for your message! You make a very good point and we know that many people in our community are bilingual (and we really, really value and admire their knowledge!). As you probably know, you can add as many language combinations as you wish in your Kato Platform profile. The native language field is mainly a reference for us. You will receive invitations to tasks for all language combinations listed in your profile for your level (I noticed there was a small mistake with your Kato Platform profile, I fixed it and now you are a Kato Verified Translator for English to French, and will receive all tasks for this language combination!)