Greek glossary and terminology discussion


:question: Do you have a question about a text or a term you are translating from or into Greek? Please ask here! :spiral_notepad:

:books: Don’t forget to check our Greek glossary - the term you are looking for could be there already! If not, please post a message to this thread. The TWB staff, translators and nonprofit partners will see it and send their suggestions.


Hello ambra! I am a greek native speaker and I would like to translate english texts into greek.Please let me know if there is any text available for me.


Hello @Charalampia and welcome in the team! It seems that at the moment there are no available translations for that language combinations. This is how you can check all the available tasks:
And also some other useful links:
This is how you can get access to more tasks and projects:
I am here if you have any questions :slight_smile: