Get a certificate

Hello everybody,
How can I get a certificate like this?

Hi @ala.haroun,

I believe it’s part of the Community Recognition Program. If you go to your profile on the TWB platform itself, you will find the information you need on this topic, including email addresses to request such certificates.

Fair warning, you do need to have a certain number of recognition points to get some certificates.

Kind regards,


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Hello @ala.haroun and thank you for writing to us.

Could you please send us an email at and we will be more than happy to meet your request?

Thanks a lot!

Thank you @Celine_Arnaud for your kind reply.

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Hello Ahmad,

I have sent an email to:
Kindly provide me with a reply.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Imenbenlakehal and thank you for your message.

Kindly note that we don’t have any emails from you.

May you please check that you sent it to the right address?

Also, are you using any other emails than

Thanks and regards,

Hi Ahmad
Thank you for your swift reply
I have just received an email and the likns for my linkedin and ProZ are provided within the profile of translators without borders

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Hello @Imenbenlakehal
Thank you for your prompt response.

We have received your email and we will be replying to you shortly.

Thanks and regards,

Waiting for your reply.

hello guys

i received feedback internally but i am unsure about some statements i read in my feedback i dont know if they exist in the code of conduct or in the link forum , perhaps i dont remenber or never read them ?
so please somebody that remenbers or knows help me find them s.o.s

**1 it is true that if i deliever imcomplete task couple of times it can be a reason for twb to ban a translator frrom claiming task ? can you please guide me the where to find those instructions / guidelines ?

2 it is true taking courses it is anew requirement to keep claiming task in case you reached 16000+ or you received feedback ??

i would love your help with this guys


P.D : i previously created 2 topics to ask support with my translation doubts and they were deleted , also i noticed i was removed to new user , i just can see new user features

Good day Dayanne,

I know that you have already received an answer by email from our staff. Maybe it is helpful to post the reply publicly for accountability.

  1. Yes, consistently delivering incomplete or poor-quality work can lead to a ban. Our Code of Conduct says that you will:
  • transfer the tone and spirit of source texts accurately and thoroughly to any target text that you produce for us,
  • accept responsibility for the quality of the work you deliver,
  • respect delivery dates and let us know if you can’t complete a translation task on time

When tasks are submitted with incomplete translations or symbols instead of corresponding translations, it violates these principles and disrupts the work of other volunteers. If this happens several times, we have to ban the user. Before we do this, we try to work with that person to give all possible support and guidance.

  1. While we strongly encourage all users to take our courses for continuous improvement, they become mandatory for individuals who have received constructive feedback indicating areas for improvement in their work. This is part of an internal improvement plan tailored to each individual’s needs. This requirement isn’t outlined publicly, it is communicated directly to the volunteer involved as part of their improvement plan.
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i will be not politically correct at this email
at this point i reached my .limit insisting and i insisted because i was caring and i also run out of energy with this situation and i am quite umcomfortable because most emails were sent at my sleep time
( Lima-Bogota time zone ) so i will be very direct

Thanks for pointing out that you are posting the reply twb sent me. I can confirm that this is not exactly the reply I received when I asked my questions.

Four days ago twb initially sent me feedback related to my last project
In my reply, I humbly accepted my errors and honestly answered their questions; however, after that I received an even longer feedback, including my past errors.
I want to point out I was avoiding empty segments all this time because I knew that wasn’t right also I improved my Q&A a lot,
For instance, I considered an excess the “pre-warning” I received.

I had to send multiple messages asking about banning and sanctions links , in my opinion the answers I received were vague, . If you or twb staff authorize me, I can show screenshots with the exact reply and …TONE of the emails I received the last 4 days.

,twb says I received my first feedback back in July, and they showed a 3-6 line email I had with a PM.
But I always have conversations with PMs they reach out to me in my personal email to ask me questions about the project or coordinate details.
I was never notified that internal emails of PMs were counting as feedback
, the only and first detailed long email (100–150 lines aprox) I have with the subject feedback is from this week.

to use a methaphor I love my best friend, but whenever she puts words in my mouth or tries to make me look bad in front of people, I have to tell her firstly with love and, finally, with honesty.
The same way, I am happy to receive feedback; I really love it, but I will never like when a person or company repeatedly feedbacks me not sticking to the truth with warnings or a lack of empathy.