Finding a TWB Community Thread to Discuss a Task

:star: When you refer to the task description, you’ll find in the last line the thread to “Discuss this task on the TWB Community” :speech_balloon: You only need to click on the link to go to that thread. This thread is surely accessible to you before and after claiming the task :heavy_check_mark:



Also, you can find the relevant thread in the automated task claim notification emails :envelope_with_arrow:

:question: Why do I need to check the thread of my task?

:pushpin: The thread may include some information or instructions you need to know about the task :information_source:

:pushpin: You’ll be able to find the email address of the Project Manager to contact them if necessary :incoming_envelope:

:pushpin: You may prefer to write a post on the thread, add the link to your task, and @tag the Project Manager so they see your message, or get assistance from the active members on the forum :busts_in_silhouette:

You can also watch this tutorial to learn more about the threads we specify for our tasks :movie_camera:



I need help

Which source of text translation has a pink color?

In case where the word from Translation Memories is a 100% match, yet is not correct, should I use the correct word or keep the one from Translation machine?

Hi @jkinzunga I think this thread can you help you to resolve your doubt CAT Pane in Memsource. The pink tag shows a small part of the original text that was previously translated

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