Farsi/Dari glossary and terminology discussion

:question: Do you have a question about a text or a term you are translating from or into Farsi or Dari? Please ask here! :spiral_notepad:

:books: Don’t forget to check our Farsi/Dari glossary - the term you are looking for could be there already! If not, please post a message to this thread. The TWB staff, translators and nonprofit partners will see it and send their suggestions.

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Hello @ambra
How can I add terms and their Persian translations to this glossary.

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Hello Ahmad, thank you for your interest and kind offer! I don’t think we are making changes to the glossary at the moment. @Becki would you know?
We will surely inform you if we decide to add more words!

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Hello @Ahmad! Thank you for your interest in contributing to our glossaries, it’s much appreciated!

We would welcome any suggestions for our next update at crisis@translatorswithoutborders.org

Best wishes,



Dear @Becki and @ambra,
Thank you for your consideration. I’ll send my suggestions to the above mentioned e-mail.
Thanks and regards,

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