Due Date Time Zones

Hi, quick question.

Does the due date on a task correspond to the translator’s local time zone, or Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)? For example, if I am in New York and have a project due on a certain day at 18:00:00, is that 18:00:00 EST or UTC? Thanks in advance!

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Dear @Andrew,

Thanks for reaching out!
The time specified in Kató Platform is in UTC+1:

I’m tagging my PM colleagues @MiriamTWB and @Manuel so they can confirm this :slight_smile:


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Hi @Andrew, the deadline is shown in your time zone.

For that reason, @Gloria and I have a “different deadline” for the same task because we are in different time zones.

Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:


Sorry, not clear enough to me, please confirm if the hour in any Task delivery date corresponds to the translator’s local time zone, or to the UTC (Universal Time Coordinated).
Thanks a lot.

Hi Silvia, thank you for raising this important question. Task delivery date is displayed in your local time zone :slight_smile: .


Clear enough now, thanks a lot NataliaG!!

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