Deadlines, Pre-Delivery Checklist, Translators and Revisers, and Feedback

Hello everyone!
My name is Safa, a volunteer translator here in TWB. I would like to know:

  • Are translation and revision deadlines due the same day?
  • Is there any communicating channel between translators and reviewers?
  • Is it obligatory to submit the Kató Pre-Delivery Checklist?
  • Why isn’t it obligatory for revisers to leave feedback?
    Thank you
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Hi @Safa_Outerqiss :white_flower:

Firstly, welcome to our community :orange_heart: and many thanks for asking these good questions! :star2: I’ll be happy to provide you with information you’d like to know, so here are the answers:

:question: Translation and revision tasks don’t usually have the same deadlines, this is because revision tasks can’t be accessed before the translation work is completed, so the revisers will surely a few more days to complete their revisions :date:

:question: There are no channels for a direct communication between the translators and reviewers, but each thread in our project section is specified for one project, and is a space for the volunteers who work on the same project to reach out, ask questions, and discuss any relevant matters :speech_balloon:

:question: Submitting the Kató Pre-Delivery Checklist is not obligatory :newspaper:

:question: As our volunteers donate their time to complete tasks with us, we care about not making their work feel more demanding than expected. For this reason, we do encourage the revisers to leave feedback for their peers to help them learn and grow (and we highly appreciate it) but we don’t make it mandatory so they submit it when they would like to do so :+1:

I hope this helps! If you need more clarification on anything, please let me know :innocent:


Thank you @Aya.Alrifai ! Your answer is very appreciated.

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