COVID-19 phrase guide for migrants

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:speech_balloon: Phrase guide - just add your translation in your language.
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A French doctor who has developed a multilingual “phrase guide” for migrants is seeking to add information about COVID19 in as many languages as we can provide. Would you help? Just follow the link below and look for your language, or create your own column. (Please send a note to to tell him that you’ll be adding to his file.)
Thank you all!

This project is not in partnership with TWB.


The link is Invalid

Hi! Have you tried a right click? It seems to be working for me. I’m pasting it again below. Otherwise, I have also posted it in the TWB Translator Volunteers group in Facebook.

Thank you for sharing it Suzanne, hopefully members of our community will be able to help :slight_smile:


Hello, I completed the Turkish language part. Hopefully it benefits your business. Healthy days!

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Hello, thank you very much! This will certainly benefit many people. Stay safe and healthy!


Do you need Ukrainian language?

Spanish is complete in collaboration with another translator!

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Hi. I also completed the Spanish translation. It was a pleasure and hope our contribution can help in these dificult times.

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Muchísimas gracias, Marco! This will no doubt be useful for many people.

Hi, muchísimas gracias!

Hi, please check if something still needs to be done. There were two other Ukrainian translators on the job today, but there is rather a lot of text, and we all have our lives outside of volunteering, so there may be some work left. Thank you!

Good day Suzanne,

I don’t know if the doctor has seemed to notice my mail yet, but nevertheless I have still finished my Vietnamese translation.
It’s a pleasure working with you all!


Hello Danh,
I’m not aware that the doctor has received you e-mail, but your translation has definitely been used, and you can see the result here:
We are going to need another translation, which I will set up later today. That would be about 300 words. Would you be available to help again?
Thank you very much for your work.

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Hello Suzanne,

It’s very nice of you to reply to me. It’s indeed a great news to hear that.
Also, I’m available for your task and will gladly assist you. Could you please kindly show me where I can find it?

Thank you,

Hello Danh, here is a link to claim this task in Kato:
I will have a job about facemasks later on, but we need to finalise it and see what infographics we want to include, so I won’t create the project before a few days.
Thank you,

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Hello again, Suzanne.
I would like to inform you that I have finished and submitted the task back to you guys.
Please reach me again when you need my translation assisstance on the facemask project.
Thank you very much,

Hello Danh, thank you. I will give you a link to claim the facemask task as soon as I have (finally) set it up.


Hello Suzanne, I just found out about this project and noticed that this still doesn’t have a Korean version. Therefore, I translated ‘Guidline for home-care patients’ into Korean but wasn’t able to do so for ’ How to protect yourself and others’ since it was locked. If translation is still needed for that part, please unlock it for me so that I can edit it. Have a good day!.


Hello @Nao29810, thank you for reaching out and doing this translation :slight_smile: I did not request Korean because my Korea-loving sister’s sister-in-law said that we didn’t need translations and Koreans in France kept each other informed, but I will certainly be happy to have translations if they can be useful. I will check the “Protect yourself” sheet and if it is locked, I will create a copy for you. And since you obviously think that translations are required, I will request Korean for other bits of information.