Confused: Claiming Tasks


so today I received an e-mail that tasks are available and I am sure I clicked on the “Yes, I promise” button, however, I can’t find the task anywhere. I looked around in my profile, but nothing. Is it possible that someone else claimed the task a second before I clicked on “yes”?

Hey @pia_lampert , so sorry for that, but as you mentioned, it seems someone else must’ve claimed it before you finished the claiming process. I hope you manage to claim another one soon :hugs:

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Hi. I want to know something related to this topic. Earlier I got 2-3 mail stating that the task is available. But for some months, I don’t get any. Also I try to find out myself. But I cannot see my native language in the target language filter section.

Could you imagine what the problem is?

Hi @monirasonar, I checked your profile and I confirm that everything is working fine for you. If you don’t find tasks, this is only because no tasks are available at the time you are looking. If a language does not appear on the dropdown list, it means that there are no tasks for that language at the moment.

Thank you again for reaching out :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for helping me quickly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi there,
i am not sure I am in the right place to send you this message : On 31st of May I have claimed a Translation task for “1.1 4_Diabetes and MH issues.pptx” from English into French, deadline to complete this task (June 22) - Due to work overload these days, I regret I won’t be able to work on that particular task and meet the deadline. I would be grateful if you could revoke me for this task and propose it for translation to another translator who maybe likely interested to do it. Thank you and apologies. Veronique

Hi @Veronique1 and thank you for letting us know! You can also unclaim the task on your own. To do so, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Claimed Tasks and look for the task that you’d like to unclaim
  2. Click the Unclaim Task button underneath the task
  3. Use the comment box to tell us why you’ve decided to unclaim the task
  4. Click Revoke Task and Submit Feedback

You can also watch our video tutorial for more information and do not hesitate to reach out again if you still require help in unclaiming/revoking the task of if you have any other questions :hugs:

I have a question. Is there any place where I can find my claimed tasks? I just claimed one but I cannot see it anywhere. I was wondering if I actually claimed it or someone else might have claimed it before I did.

Hello @Shukker,
Welcome to the TWB Community!

As @MegNyakwakaTWB explained before, a fellow linguist must have claimed the task before if it is not showing up in your claimed tasks and you did not get an email confirming you have claimed the task.

You can check out The Translator’s Toolkit to find out everything you need to get started; from how to claim, unclaim, and filter tasks to using the CAT tool (Phrase).
You can also find guidance on many other topics like good practices, style guides, and resources to nurture your workflow!

Wishing you a wonderful experience in TWB,

hi! that might mean the tasks we usually see updating in "projects category " every hour or hours are set there by default?