Complete Review Tasks


I would like to understand the following: these two tasks, “40 WHO_R4R_Tier1_Unit4D_Transcript_EN” and “6 R4R-T1_OpenWHO_End of Course” have already been delivered however, they reappeared in my list of tasks In Progress.
The delivery dates were 06/22/2021 and 06/26/2021, respectively.


Lúcia Falcão

Hi @Lucia_Falcao

Thanks for flagging this! I believe there was a technical glitch that reopened a few completed tasks :thinking:

I don’t there’s anything you need to do! However, I’m pinning @annashinn to confirm this :+1:

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Hi @charlotte1,

Thank you for your answer.
I was worried because I also received an email saying that the task is overdue. Well, then I’ll just wait for them to disappear from my In Progress Tasks list.

Have a nice day. :blush:

Hi @Lucia_Falcao - as discussed in the e-mail, it had to do with the QA issue and it has now been resolved. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused!


Hi @annashinn,

It´s OK, no problem. It was just the shock of seeing the tasks on my list again, :grimacing: by the way, the tasks aren’t there anymore.

Thanks. :grinning: