Community Recognition Program

Thank you, I appreciate it.

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The email didn’t respond more regarding the recognition program monetary reward, and I wrote them 3-4 times in a period of a month. Is it possible that this program is no more valid? Thank you


Good day @Muhammad2, Please accept our apologies for not responding sooner; we received your email but the high volume of requests that we are receiving daily has affected our processing speed. With that said, you will be hearing from us in the next few days. Thank you again for your patience Muhammad.

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The staff is not cooperative regarding the recognition program, which keeps you waiting months for an update. The automated generated email for the program recognition reply clearly says that the staff will contact us within 10 to 20 days, but it is not true. Thank you

I reached 334260 points (words translated), of which 238630 are strategic Pashto points (words translated), but no rewards were received.

Hi @Muhammad2, Thank you again for your patience but I believe a colleague has now contacted you via email with the next steps. We really appreciate the amazing work that you are doing in supporting us, thank you again Muhammad!

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Hi @Aya.Alrifai,

Hope you are doing well!

I need a reference letter and I have sent an email but it says that I have to wait from 10-20 days. I need it currently if possible! It will not be important for me after 10 days! :slight_smile: So, is it possible to receive it earlier?

Thank you so much in advance!

Hi @Dalia1, we will try to prioritize your reference letter so you may get it earlier!

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Great! Thank you @Chris_A !

Hi folks,

Hope all are doing well. I’ve recently check my profile and saw that my recognition points is less than the words I have donated. Is there any ongoing glitch or do I need to wait more time? TIA!

Hey @anuavk !

It’s not a glitch. The word count shows the number of words you have donated to TWB, while the recognition points are calculated based on the type of task, so in some cases a word is worth more than a point, while in others it is less. Recognition points are calculated as follows:

Type of task Unit Points accrued per unit
Translation 1 word 1
Revision 1 word 0.5
Proofreading/Approval 1 word 0.25
Transcription 1 word 0.5
Voice recording 1 word 1
Translation of subtitles 1 word 1
Revision of subtitles 1 word 0.5
Terminology 1 term 10

Hello and thank you for your question! As @ElenaF is correctly saying (thank you, Elena!) different tasks give you a different number of points per word. In your case, Anuja, you have delivered 2 translation tasks and 2 revision tasks. The translation tasks give you 1 point per word translated, while the revision tasks give you 0.5 point per word revised. I hope this helps! You can learn more about the Community Recognition Program here :gift: FAQs are here


Good day,

Monetary reward in pending since 3 to 4 months.

Hi @Muhammad2

Mine is pending for 6 months… Show some tolarance, it will soon be paid. The problem is that huge number of volunteers are requesting their rewards, and processing all these requests with all the routine work is not easy thing to do in a speed. Besides, TWB is a non-profit organisation, and the benefits of our work mainly get back to our communities.
NB/- I am not a TWB staff … I am too a volunteer eagerly waiting his reward :sweat_smile:. Thanks!

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Hey @Muhammad2 Apologies for the delay with this, as mentioned, we have an overwhelming number of monetary requests. I can see that you reached out to us via our recognition email, we shall follow up with you soon. :slight_smile:

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hi kind @Aya.Alrifai i have a question just for curiosity… . when someone wants to delete his or her twb account ,

the person must request the deleting or can do it on the profile pic???

thanks! and have an excelent day . :smiling_face: :smiling_face: :smiling_face:


Hey @me5 , Yes you can surely delete your account, under ‘Edit Profile Details’ you should see a black button ‘Delete Account’. We can also delete it for you from our end too :slight_smile:

i am not gonna do it @MegNyakwakaTWB BUT if a translator wants to keep a record of their workflows or download the translations in case “sth fails with the system” you must reach a PM or similar , right?

and where or how can i see the original and translated version together? or source and targeted as you prefer to call it , specially in portfolios are extremely neccesary



Hey @me5, once you complete a task, there is always going to be a record of it on your TWB Profile under the Claimed Tasks section. It is very unlikely that the system fails, (but everything human is prone to error :sweat_smile:), you can get the complete revised version under each completed task. You can get th eorigial and translated file together right before you click complete on a task, click on Document then Export to Bilingual DOCX. You can also contact the PM for all the workflow changes at the end of the revision.

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Hi! Is it possible to request a new recommendation once you get again more than 30000 points? Thanks!