Can't save a segment and set the task as complete

1.3 AEP M&E Toolkit - Annex 4.xlsx

I keep getting a message that the segment hasn’t been saved. Refreshing just brings it back to the original English language (on the target text) and it can’t be completed since there is one segment missing.

Hello @Ana7,
I’m not really sure what could be causing this error, it could be a glitch in Phrase, perhaps your PM can provide more information and/or check with IT.

However, this has happened to me before and this is a little “trick” that has helped me in the past:

  1. Delete all content from the target segment.
  2. Confirm the empty segment.
  3. Refresh the page or exit Phrase and open the task again.
  4. Go to the segment and enter the translation.
  5. Confirm the segment.

This should allow you to complete the task.
if the content involves tags or different formatting, run the QA again to verify there are no tags/formatting issues.
In case there are issues, make the changes and confirm.
If the error shows up again after modifying the target, repeat the steps and enter the updated translation.

Hopefully this works for your current task, give it a try and let me know if it worked!


Hi there,
I meet at present tbe same problem ih the following revision task : Refugee collection TWB (Hawkings) - I am not able to save ALL the segments, as it always say : saving segment n°… has failed, please try again, or it says saving segment n°… has failed, please reload and it is always the same for each segment. I m not therefore able to complete this revisIon task.

Please help or maybe the LINK shall need to be checked ?

Thank you