Anyone with a medical background? Need help with a medical term

Hi all
I am in the midst of translating a document concerning blood transfusion.
Came across a term called “group and save”, seems that this is a blood type test, which must proceed another test called “cross matching”. I have been looking high and low for its definition, e.g. here
The translation I need is in Chinese, but I cannot even find a proper English definition.


Hi @JianQiu,

I don’t think you can actually translate this, just like most of the medical terms. I remember coming across this term (medical professionals often use “G&S”). I think it may be better to transliterate the term, after giving a brief explanation in the first instance.

See if this link helps. You may want to extract a brief, reader-friendly explanation in your language and then go with the transliteration or “G&S.”



I am 5th year medical student!

Hi Amin
Could you give me a short explanation of what people do in “group and save”, in simple terms, so I can get an idea? Thanks

Hi @JianQiu

Group & save is a blood test where a sample of blood is processed, screened for group (which ABO blood type) and most importantly if there are any atypical antibodies that might hinder the transfusion of blood.

Its normally done when a patient requires blood transfusion (patient loosing blood) but not in emergency.

Don’t confuse it with Crossmatch, where patient’s blood is mixed with the donor’s blood to see if there is reaction.

Thats all.


Thanks for the help, just wondering why do doctors use such obscure names for something straightforward…
btw, just curious, in medical school, do they actually teach you unreadable handwritings so that only doctors can understand each other?

There is no darkness in this term specifically :joy::rofl::rofl: It says Group & Save; first you test for the group (which blood group) and then from there you will determine the safety of transfusion, hence the name Group & Safe. I see it as the simplest term in medicine​:rofl::joy:.
To your other quest, no they don’t teach us that. In fact, it shouldn’t be that way :joy::joy::rofl:. That unreadable handwriting causes the death of thousands of patients. Nowdays prescriptions are printed. Thanks to the technology, we don’t have to worry about doctors’ bad handwritings

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@Amin1 @JianQiu @sifatnoor
While I have no knowledge of Medical terms (But might need them in the future) I read the whole thread.

It caught my eye that Amin wrote “Safe” and not “Save” (… hence the name…) so my first line of thought was that it is probably a typo.
But it was enough to send me searching online about it.

Thanks to all for the interesting read.

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