Amharic Glossaries

Greetings team TWB,

I was working on a crises management project and I wanted to check if there is a better way of expressing a given term and phrase and then I came to the TWB platform to get ideas and techniques. But there is a limited amount of terms that is provided for Amharic language and if it is possible I can provide in glossary terms if it is needed so that may be one day another linguist uses it for reference using the TWB’s platform thank you!

Kind Regards,
Philipous Girma
Amharic_English Linguist

Good initiative Mr.Philipous Girma. I will also contribute in translating crisis management terms for the amharic glossary if needed.

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Many thanks Philipous and Meseret for the initiative! I’d be happy to share this with the Community Team to see how we can support you with this. Will get back to you in a few days :blush:

Edit: I checked with the Community Team and it was agreed that there could be an initiative in the future to develop glossary for a number of languages including Amharic. We will make sure to inform the volunteers interested in helping us when we get to work on this glossary :blush:


Thank You @Aya.Alrifai we look forward to hearing from you.